Embarking on a journey through the lens of my camera has been a source of solace and self-discovery since 2021. While I may not claim the title of a professional photographer, I am passionate about honing this skill as a means of self-expression. Each photograph, imperfect as it may be, encapsulates an emotion, a memory, or a fleeting moment that holds significance to me. Take, for instance, a mesmerizing sunset captured near my home—a series of shots unveiling the magical transition that occurs within a mere 20 minutes. Another photograph delicately paints the interplay of shadows across the evening sky, offering a canvas of vibrant hues. These images echo my feelings of change and hope, beautifully illuminated against the backdrop of nature's serene darkness.

Beyond photography, my hands find joy in the art of creation, especially during Diwali, when my mother and I craft decorative wonders on our house walls. It's a tradition that fills our home with both beauty and shared delight.

Poetry, too, is a cherished outlet for my thoughts, a liberating space where cryptic words express the matters closest to my heart. Join me on this visual and literary journey as I share glimpses of my world through the lens, the canvas, and the written word.

Nature, Photography and Art: These make me who I am